Life Of 2020

Moses Makinde

Covid-19 impacted the lives of everybody in the entire world. This virus has taken lives, people’s jobs, homes, and income. It affected everybody’s learning style and stressing people out. People have lost everything because of Covid-19. Regardless of the mask and gloves it is still possible to catch this virus. The experience I had was not a pleasant one but I am thankful that I’m alive and stable because there is nothing better than good health. I have not been happy in quarantine mainly because of school, friends, family, and etc. The workload that everybody has been getting is just annoying. It’s inconsiderate to me because somebody can use the excuse that we are all at home for everybody to do their work. I was also upset at the fact that people were not taking the virus seriously which put other people at risk of catching the virus. Donald Trump also wasn’t a smart one when he knew ahead of time and did not say anything. This is also something we don’t have control of, but something that could have been slowed down. People are just ignorant and never think about anyone but themselves.