Oh No! Omegle

Favour Ijaola

It’s been a quite a day at school, you’re ‘zoomed out’ and all you need is to relax and do something that doesn’t require racking your brain for the answer. So, you log in to your computer and you visit a website known amongst Tiktok users, called Omegle. For those who don’t know what Omegle is, to put in layman’s terms, it’s basically an online platform where you can chat with others without having to register. If you are familiar with the app Monkey, then you should be able to understand Omegle
Here are few reasons why Omegle is not safe to use.  

  • It leaves you vulnerable to hackers as well as predators 
  • Even the site’s mentions how unsafe it is. Your personal data (such as your e-mail, telephone number, home, social media accounts and school address etc.) can be retrievable by anyone.  
  • It’s not necessarily safe for minors or minorities (POC). There have been incidents in which graphic photos and videos of POC have been shared on that site. And adult content is frequently shown on there.

Now don’t get me wrong, meeting people is fun but getting your IP address and personal information stolen isn’t. 
After all that I have explained to you, if you still want to use the platform here are some things you can do to stay safe. 
1) Use a VPN 
Examples of that would include: 

  • NortonLifeLock  
  • NordVPN 
  • ProtonVPN 
  • ExpressVPN 

2) Try chatting by text instead of talking and if you still want to talk, use a voice changer to distort it.  
3) Use an Antivirus software.  
Even after you have protected your privacy and made yourself anonymous with a VPN, there is still a chance that you can get hacked. That is if you click on any malicious links that were pasted in the chatroom. Using a powerful antivirus software prevents that file or URL from infecting your device.
Some recommended Antivirus software:

  • Norton Antivirus 
  • McAcfee Anti-Virus and Internet Security Software 
  • Bitedefender Anti-Virus 

4) Use a webcam cover 
Hackers are smart and cunning, and they violate your privacy in profoundly terrifying ways. Hackers can take over webcams remotely and watch your family and you in the privacy of your home. To prevent that from happening, you can purchase a webcam cover from places like Amazon for less than $10.
Technology has given way to many things that are helpful especially in today’s environment, but it has also caused quite a lot of issues and if you don’t know your way around it, you could be negatively affected. Just remember to stay safe!