The Profile of Speech

Hannah Joseph

On January 8, 2021 in Ms. Whitworth’s period 3B Speech class, former student Samuel Shokera came online to help illuminate the importance and impact of speech.
” There is power in language. . . . . . Speech is not so much how much you say, it’s how you say your words.” – Shokera explains.
Speech is a configuration of art that can be arranged in common things such as music, drawing, and culinary skills. In speech it is very important that you relate, conceptualize and feel. It is crucial that you are cognizant, or aware, conscious, of your tone of voice, the difference between elevating and raising your voice, along with making sure you are giving specific examples on what you are talking about. It is also important to avoid the sensitive topics of religion and politics because they usually end in some sort of conflict, therefore, it is best to not touch on the topics all together.
” Even when you’re not talking, you are still saying something.” – Samuel Shokera
Facial expressions and body language speak volumes along side words alone. Facial expressions and body language are very important because both are hard to mask, ultimately revealing your tone, attitude and even intention. For a better understanding on these components as it relates to speech, think about the saying, ‘ Actions speak louder than words.’
A way to help your speech skills is to put yourself in uncomfortable environments. This is a great remedy for getting over nerves such as stage fright. Do what triggers those specific nerves. Another way to help your speech skills is to have people you know scope out unintentional things you do while speaking. Feedback from a familiar face or two can help calm your nerves and help to focus on fixing your slip ups.
As the class was coming to an end, Shokera was asked if there was any self promoting tips in which he stated:
” If there is no confidence for yourself, there will be no confidence found for you.”
As you gain self confidence, eventually, others will gravitate to it. Another self promoting tip that was given was your camera presence. Being well dressed, centered, and having good eye contact can impact your speech greatly for your audience. As for yourself, having a good camera presence will better ready you for the message you are trying to deliver.