Fufu Conundrum

Favour Ijaola

A new trend has been going around social media platforms that turned from appreciating one’s culture to bashing it and making it into a joke. “What trend is this”, you may ask? Well it’s the fufu trend.
The trend in which people are purchasing fufu, egusi, and other West African dishes, and recording themselves trying it for the first so that we, the audience can get their ‘honest’ reactions.
For those who may not know, fufu is a dough made from plantain or cassava that is boiled and pounded and is eaten with stews like egusi, okra, or begin (bean soup). Egusi is a soup/stew made from ground melon seeds and it mixed in with vegetables like spinach; okro is basically the African way of saying gumbo.
There is nothing wrong with eating something and not liking it and neither is it wrong for you to state that you don’t like it, but the excessive and dramatic faces of disgust and disdain about the food are not needed. People need to understand that this is a cultural dish that people are making jest of and it doesn’t just involve one country but a good chunk of Africa.
You would not go to a cookout and tell the cook that their food is disgusting — that’s rude and ill-mannered.
It’s especially saddening to see that it’s mainly adults who are taking part in this trend. It seems like these are the same people who will wear dashikis, use dance moves like the gwara gwara, but then make a mockery of everything else that they don’t want to associate themselves with.