Life at a Boarding School

Hannah Dunson

            Boarding schools have been around for ages and has caused many students to become prepared for the real world. This has also caused a lot of students to drop out of boarding school. Although life may seem glamorous outside of boarding schools, inside is where the truth is shown. According to Jenise Swann, a 12th-grade student, boarding schools can often take a toll on your mental health. “Being away from your family while going through certain changes as you grow is stressful and can be a lot”. Boarding schools are meant for students to get used to being on their own, but at the same time learn and take responsibility for their education. These kinds of standards can often put stress and anxiety on students who attend, and parents as well. As you grow up, you are nurtured by your parents, you are taught what to do and not to do, but then boarding school hits you. A school cannot simply build and marinate its teachings, so this requires the student to adapt, no matter what age. Being 9 years old and trying to adapt to a school without your parents can take a toll long-term. Although boarding schools can often leave the student without a foundation, it can also prepare you for the real world.