Procrastination (Pro)blems


Latavia Spriggs

Procrastination is inevitable, or at least it constantly feels like it. Being home amidst the pandemic has not been helpful to most when it comes to determination and work ethic. Since being home and having restrictions has become the new normal, procrastination seems to be a common addition towards the day to day tasks.
The Journalism 2 class decided to have a discussion as to what causes us to procrastinate the most, and why. The class took turns saying the biggest reason they procrastinate, and the most commonality was not having the energy, or just simply not wanting to complete the task at hand.

“I don’t have the energy to do it” stated Corbin Pettigrew.
“I have basketball training which plays a part, but sometimes I just don’t want to do it.” says Elijah Carroll
“I have other things to do, I put those first which causes me to procrastinate” says another classmate Aamiyah Stewart.

Putting off tasks and doing different things or taking “breaks” seems like the easiest solution. Deadlines are freighting, but when procrastination comes into play, they’re only scary when it’s a day or maybe two away.

“I have realized I procrastinate when I’m not sure how to complete a task. I don’t know how to start, and I feel unsure.” states Mary Stapp

My next question to my classmates was what plays the biggest part into you losing time and putting things off. Technology can be seen as society’s biggest distraction, and one of the biggest distraction teens use the most.

“I get overwhelmed by a lot of things, so I take Netflix breaks. I start to lose track of time, realizing I took a longer break than desired.” says Virginia Bates

My classmate, My’joi Halloway, had a good point when it came to her reason towards putting things off.

“If i’m not interested personally, I lose motivation. When my mental health is not where it should be, I don’t care about tasks and deadlines like I should.”

Mental health plays a big part into everyone’s day to day life. When you’re not feeling up to par, it’s hard to push and put in effort and motivation if you’re body isn’t it’s best or has no energy.

My classmates also came up with their given solutions to try to ease the highs of procrastination when needed most.
– Scheduling times to work on tasks needed.
– Focus, waiting till the last minute doesn’t always pay off.
– Set alarms. Plan when to take breaks and when to end them.