Ashli E. Babbitt: An Insensible Day

My’Joi Holloway

On January 6, 2021, something happened that the people of the United States will remember forever. Many unfortunate events occurred that day due to Trump supporters that stampede the Capitol. Many of those events are raising questions for some.

Who was Ashli Babbitt and what exactly went down that day?


Some individuals are outraged by her death but some are not due to the outrage that the Trump supporters caused because of Trump wanting a vote recount.

Ashli E. Babbitt, 35, was a former Air Force Veteran from San Diego. She was considered a veteran because of her rank of being a senior airman. She joined the military back in 2004 and switched to the Air Force in 2008. In 2010, she joined the Air National Guard until 2016. For her duty, she received the Iraq Campaign Medal showing that she served there. Before she passed, she ran a pool service company in California.

Ashli E. Bennett was shot in the neck for not complying. Witnesses say many Secret Service members told many rioters to

“Get down, get back, and get out of the way”.

Unfortunately, Babbitt didn’t take heed so a sworn USPC employee shot her.

Although there are stories of violence coming out against Babbitt, her family and friends spoke highly of her. Her husband never thought when Babbitt boarded that plane from California to fly to D.C., that they would never see her again. They described her as enthusiastic, rebellious, and patriotic. Babbitt wouldn’t have thought that January 6, would end in demise.