Inauguration Replaces Dread with Relief

Tonique Francis

January 20th marked the beginning of a new era and the end of another. One of the most remarkable and historical days to date, January 20th was the 59th Inauguration of the 46th President of The United States, Joe Robinette Biden Jr.

Washington D.C. was not only beautiful because of the weather, alternating between snow and sunshine, but because American citizens have regained hope in our nation and democracy.

This year’s inauguration was much different than Ex-President Trump’s. Many masks and social distancing precautions were implemented by the Joe Biden administration.

Many outstanding performers made special appearances, like Lady Gaga and JLo, at this year’s inauguration. Previous presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush showed their faces along with their wives.

This inauguration was truly a surreal experience. After going through such a dreadful four years, many Americans like myself are relieved to have a new President and first black female Vice President in office. We look forward to our future and are very excited to see what this new beginning holds.