Zoom Zoned Out?

Latavia Spriggs

Students woke up to join their first-period class for the last day of the school week on Friday, January 22, 2021, to discover they could not log on.  What a dilemma!
I was among them, still groggy as I reached for my Chromebook to join my College Summit class. I clicked the Zoom icon on my Chrome book, typed in the code, only to get an internet error message.  Already being a little late for class, I thought my wifi was down so I restarted my Chromebook. I tried again and got the same message. Confused, I checked my wifi and noticed it was working fine on my phone, so I tried joining my class from my phone, only to get another error message.
I emailed my teacher that my Zoom wasn’t working and that I’d be late, or might miss class. He emailed me back with a how-to restart my Chromebook video as if to say I didn’t try that already. Getting annoyed, I texted friends to make sure it wasn’t my wifi not working, and they said the same thing.
I checked my student email to see if any email popped up from Principal Dr. Gorman Brown. The email read as follows:

“Zoom appears to be experiencing some issues this morning. Teachers will be placing assignments and attendance forms in google classroom. Please attempt to log back in every few minutes as  we have been assured that this problem is temporary.”

Relieved, I waited for my teacher to post the assignments needed for the day.
Not only was this experience kind of nerve-wracking, seeming as though I can’t afford absences towards the end of the quarter, but it was also a wake-up call to me. This is an issue no one really thinks about with online school, but what are students and teachers to do when their only form of hosting class, shuts down or crashes? Online school has its pros and cons, and Friday definitely showed the cons and stress that comes with online school.