I Am Done

Corbin Pettigrew

I hope you learn how to live without me. 
I’m done trying to be in your life. 
I hope it eats you alive that nights like this,
That you didn’t even know you were breaking me.
I hope it breaks your heart,
That you always made me feel like you didn’t care just like now. 
Of course, you’ll bump you did and maybe you’ll show it better to your next girlfriend.
I am done… 
I’ve reached my breaking point.
It’s so sickening that I have to constantly tell you what I don’t like
And what hurts me like your complex. 
I hope you’re able to sleep without me every night.
I should’ve listened when you said you didn’t want a relationship,
And now I feel like an idiot.
You made me feel so dumb and made me feel so crazy when in reality it was just you.
You knew I had trust issues and you just made them worse.
You never communicated, and always blamed me for everything.
Called me names it started when sometimes I’m really just trying to communicate.
You never try to understand from my point of view but always say you do.
You never will understand how you made me feel and that’s what hurts.
You always said you loved me but if you really loved me would I feel the way I feel now?
I hope it makes you sick to your stomach,
You lost the most genuine person in your life. 
I am done.