If It Was US


Ted Eytan

Virginia Bates and Web Editor Shyann Synder

The attack against the United States Capitol

What do you think happened differently that day? Between the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest and The Capitol rioting, there was no comparison. On January 6, 2021, protesters committed a violent attack against the 117th United States Congress at the United States Capitol.
In my opinion, I believe that there’s a much more significant difference than anything we saw that day. I definitely know that if it were us, colored people, who stormed The Capitol the way the Trump supporters did, we’d all be dead, injured, or imprisoned. People of color wouldn’t even be given a chance to step foot in The Capitol or even have gotten close to the Representatives and the other innocent people inside The Capitol.
The police officers were basically overwhelmed by one race of people; they didn’t know how to control them. They fought against each other, and the result was six lives taken, including those of two police officers on duty. Officer Brian D. Sicknick died of injuries sustained while fighting off the “Stop the Steal” mob. The other, Officer Howard Liebengood, took his own life on Saturday, days after the mob breached The Capitol.
When it comes to black people, they kill us because they felt threatened by us!  The white supremacist is a greater threat to this country than any other American just trying to stand up and speak out for their lives.
This day should not have happened. There shouldn’t have been reports of people smashing windows and destroying property to get into The Capitol building. There shouldn’t have been people stealing federal property, bringing in zip ties and weapons to possibly find and murder some of the representatives.  This should not be our start to the new year of 2021, but yet it wasn’t a surprise.  Our nation could have avoided this whole incident if it wasn’t for narcissistic leaders like Donald Trump.  People need to know what to fight for and whom to fight against.