Nasrin Ali (2020-2021)


Nasrin Ali

Jaguar Voices

Nasrin Ali is a graduating senior in the class of 2021. She has served as the secretary of Jaguar voices since October of 2020. Nasrin writes poetry, codes, and participates in extracurriculars such as Girl Scouts, soccer, volleyball, ballet, and Jaguar Voices.
In her free time, Nasrin is an avid lover of STEM and fashion. She has participated in STEM programs such as Kode with Klossy, Columbia Universities Girls In STEM Initiative, Exelon’s STEM Academy, and Google’s Code Next Program. So far, she has built one app that is geared towards providing support and advice to girls of all ages. As for fashion, she loves to design and model. Nasrin has designed two themed spring collections and won a first place award for one of them.
Nasrin is passionate about all kinds of art, specifically visual arts and dance (ballet). After high school, Nasrin plans to pursue a computer science degree and go further as a ballet dancer. She is excited to graduate in a few months and see what the future holds for her.