“No Place for Hate” Recap

Tonique Francis

During the first jaguar hour here at Charles Herbert Flowers High school, we were accompanied by the “No Place for Hate” tour. This was a 45-minute virtual program whose main focus was to “deliver critical bullying prevention tools”, spread awareness on bullying, share how to conquer bullies, and much more.
The best part of this program was that it offered celebrity appearances. These A-lists celebrities shared their personal experiences and advice in hopes of inspiring students. However, to the disappointment of many, the celebrities weren’t live. They all in fact prerecorded videos that were sent in, edited and shared with the audience.
Some of the celebrities were Magic Johnson, Tony Hawk, Bethany Hamilton, Anthony Anderson, and my personal favorite David Dobrik. Many of these wonderful people were extremely genuine and interesting to listen to. They all explained the bullying they experienced through the years while sharing what they used to cope with these complications.
Although most celebrities seemed genuine, some weren’t as much. TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio was another special guest, but it was clear that she was reading from some sort of script. She did seem very kind however her words came out a bit disingenuous seeing that it was so obvious she was reading.
The entire program was hosted by a very kind and energetic young man. He kept the students well engaged with questions, polls, and even shared a giveaway for a brand new Xbox and $500 gift card.
This was an overall beautiful program and an amazing experience. It was another amazing effort made by our school in an attempt to keep school exciting and take our minds away from our chaotic daily lives. Surely, many students appreciated the “No Place for Hate” tour and the opportunity to have them today.