The Anime And Gaming Club Overview

Hannah Dunson

            In this club, students from around CHFHS come together to discuss all things anime and gaming. These topics include Naruto, Call of Duty, Attack on Titan, and more to come. As the years progress, there are many things to be noted about Anime and Gaming. This club is the perfect opportunity to share your love for anime and gaming. This club is run by Mr. Bryant who also teaches SAT Algebra and College Prep. His enthusiasm for gaming and anime has encouraged many students around CHFHS to express themselves. Years ago, anime and gaming were considered to be “nerdy” and “geeky” but now, students are unapologetically expressing themselves in ways that could impact the future for both the Anime and Gaming community/industry. If you join this club, you will be welcomed in open arms by Mr. Bryant and several others who are involved in this club. Want to join and participate? Join Now!
Zoom Link: Anime & Gaming Club