MyScholly for Scholarships

Aamiyah Stewart

Are you looking for scholarships that you can find within a few presses of a button? Look no further than Scholly!
Scholly is a website (as well as a mobile app) that has provided millions of dollars in scholarships to students like you. You are able to find scholarships that best match your interests by answering prompts given to you. You can also input your major and how much money you are looking to earn in scholarships so the prompts can be narrowed down to your liking. Not only are you able to apply for and manage your scholarships with Scholly, but you are also able to request help with your writing and mathematical skills.
According to StudentLoanHero, in January 2020, Scholly was rated the number one top search engine for scholarships. Scholly has over 3,000 five-star reviews on the App Store, and since 2015, they’ve helped students earn more than $100 million dollars in scholarships!
“I was able to win the Sage Marketing Scholarship for $10,000 because the access that the Scholly App provides. There’s so many different types of scholarships, all for different kind of people. It is giving the user pure opportunity. All you need is effort,” says Joseph F., a student from Mandeville, LA., according to the Scholly website.
What are you waiting for? It’s easy to sign up and start matching with scholarships on Scholly. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss, so take it while you can! You can visit the website and get started at