3rd place winner of the Black History Month Challenge

Kyle Holmes

On Wednesday, February 3, Charles Herbert Flowers held its first virtual Black History Month Challenge hosted by Principal Dr. Gorman Brown.  The third-place winner of this challenge was a junior named Bryce Singleton. I asked him some questions about his experience and he gave some rather interesting answers.

Kyle: How did you feel when you first received the news that you placed second in the challenge?
Bryce: I just want to tell you that I got third place, not second. I felt somewhat proud that I was able to place on the leaderboard but disappointed at the same time because I know that I could’ve done better.
Kyle: How many questions did you get right?
Bryce: I got nine out of the ten right on the game.
Kyle: Were the questions that you answered confusing or hard in any way?
Bryce: The questions weren’t hard or confusing. The one that had I got wrong was asking “What building did MLK give his famous “I Have A Dream” speech in front of?”. I was trying to be the fastest person so without really thinking about the question I quickly put the Monument but as soon as I clicked on it, I remembered that he did it in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The one question dropped me down from second to third.
Kyle: What was the prize that you won for getting third place?
Bryce: I received a $5 Chic-Fil-A gift card.
Kyle: Are you happy with third place or do you feel like you could have done better?
Bryce: I am contempt with third but I know I could’ve got second or first
Kyle: How do you feel about the Challenge overall (was it hard, easy, confusing)
Bryce: The challenge was easy, the questions were centered around everything dealing with civil rights, and I’ve been through that time period time and time again in school and at home.
Kyle: Are you going to participate in the challenge next week?
Bryce: If I am allowed, I will be aiming for first place next week.
Kyle: How are you going to spend your winnings?
Bryce: I guess I’ll buy a strawberry milkshake and some fries to indulge in.
Congratulations to Bryce Singleton for getting 3rd place in the Black History Month Challenge