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In recent events, Charles Herbert Flowers’s online student newspaper, The Main Street Journal, mostly known as CHFHSnews, had been informed that their hosting service is shutting down. 

Their hosting service Project For Better Journalism (PBJ) helped provide the school’s journalism website for free, but now the program is discontinuing on June 15, 2021, because of financial issues. 

This left the journalism team scattered. They do not wish to end student journalism, particularly in the virtual education era of COVID-19.  Students have grown attached to The Main Street Journal, having a platform where they can write and their voices can be heard. They needed a plan to save their website and all their work.

The team has researched into another journalism hosting program called Student Newspapers Online (SNO). SNO’s service is designed to meet the specific needs of scholastic journalism publications. CHFHSnews is now considering migrating over to SNO, but there is a cost. 

The standard pricing for K-12 programs is $250 to build a site and $400 a year for hosting and unlimited support. Active PBJ programs that sign up for their services by March 15, 2021, are waiving the standard $250 website setup fee.

This means the team needs to come up with as little as $400.

With no idea how to come up with the money in a short period of time, the team reached out to Principal Dr. Gorman Brown in an email for help. 

“I am researching how to support this venture. Don’t worry, we will make sure that all of your hard work is allowed to continue!” he wrote back

This left hope for students, as they could continue their 6 years of work on their website.

“I just reached out to our bookkeeper. As we have been in a pandemic and your club has not had the chance to raise any money, we will be able to cover the costs for this year. She will need SNO to become a vendor in order for us to cut them a check. Please reach out to the company and ask them to reach out to PGCPS via the website to complete a vendors application.” Principal Dr. Gorwn Brown wrote back with an update only a day later.

This is perfect for the newspaper and shows how much our Prinicipal really cares about student excellence. CHFHSnews can now migrate over to SNO and continue delivering news to the Jaguar Community.

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Now here where are! The new Main Street Journal with a more organized way to navigate throughout of website. It’s more interactive with polls and comments. Tell us what you think and use these to your advantage. It really helps the Staff Members better themselves with their writing and you can have a conversation with someone down below.

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