NCAA March Madness Disregarded the Treatment of Men and Women Teams

The difference between the Men’s and Woman’s Women weight rooms

Reese Carey, Editor: Virginia Bates

As all sports fans know, it’s that time of the year March Madness!!! The time where 68 colleges in the D1 level men and women play in a competitive single elimination tournament. This is the first year where March Madness had to be played in a bubble, just like how the NBA finished their 2019-2020 season.

With playing in the bubble comes some restrictions. The players are to have a tracking device on at all times while their team is in the tournament and still maintain a 6 feet distance. The teams are separated to where the boys and girls have their own facilities. Through this event, there’s been some unequal treatment going around.

The men players have been treated with more put into the effort to support their needs, while the women received just the average, maybe even below average treatment.

Men’s “swag bags”
Women’s “swag bags”

Lots of the women’s players felt disrespected that the NCAA did not feel there should have been a change. Lots of professional athletes saw how the women were being treated and put their inputs out on social media.

Thanks to Dicks Sporting Goods, Tonal Smart Gym, and Orangetheory Fitness, they came together to help upgrade the women’s weight room and make a difference while they continue their tournament.

As a female athlete, this kind of made me sad because my question was “Why didn’t they both receive the same equipment, meals, and gifts in the first place?”

It’s 2021 and we’re still dealing with unequal treatment that could have easily been changed or not has happened at all.