Seniors Last Stretch

Latavia Spriggs, Editor: Virginia Bates

Seniors, our time at Charles Herbert Flowers is coming to a close. Through many experiences, ups and downs, in school and out, we can finally say we’ve completed high school in 30 days (calculated for after spring break). After spring break, we can safely say we’re on our final stretch towards gaining our diploma.
This year has hit us hard. We (the class of 2021) saw all the challenges that the class of 2020 had to face when we all left in March. We saw how they didn’t get the proper graduation and no prom. Little did we know our fate would be worse.
The CHF class of 2021 didn’t get a chance to experience our inauguration, our last spirit week, in-person signing day, senior prank day, senior skip day, and more. I understand the effort Flowers put in to try and still give us all the things we missed and, speaking on behalf of a member of the class 2021 myself, I appreciate the effort. However, we can’t say we fully achieved our senior year, let alone our full high school experience, because it was taken from us, more than any graduating class will know.
On the bright side, you could see this as a perk because no other graduating classes can say that they collectively didn’t get an ounce of a true senior year, but the Class of 2021 can. We can all look back on this one day, telling our children the stories of a Pandemic when masks were no longer mandatory and the Covid vaccine was.