Part-Time Jobs: How do they affect students?


Enora Tamdem

Getting a part-time job as a teenager is common- the practice has been around for so long it’s become a ritual. While some students opt out because of their parents or after-school sports, most teenagers get after-school/weekend jobs. Whether it’s to have extra pocket money or to help pay bills, it’s not uncommon to see a teenager work at the fast-food place you frequent.

When getting a job, teenagers must consider the pros and cons. An essential factor is that it teaches students to manage money. Jobs also look good on their resume. Students learn life skills, like how to deal with difficult people. However, some parents think the cons outweigh the pros. Jobs cut into time they can spend studying. They can interfere with other opportunities, and it can cause stress. Most parents that allow their kids to work set conditions. For example, some parents insist they’ll make their child quit if their grades drop.