Hybrid Learning Thoughts


Oluwadamilola Afe, Editor: Virginia Bates

Seniors that opted-in were in school on April 8th, and we got to see a tour of different classrooms in Journalism 1. As we were toured through the building, many of the classrooms had 2-4 students in them and were very empty. Despite being in class, students continue to use zoom, as stated in the plans. However, some have said their choice was better for them, and that they enjoy being back at school. Another mentioned his parents had made the choice for him, due to his grades dropping and needing the school environment in order to focus and work harder.

I think that this could point in the direction of the reopening not being as bad as speculated. However, it wouldn’t change my opinion of whether or not I should return to school. If students feel safe and ready to work in the building rather than at home, it would be best for them to go. I think hybrid learning has its own benefits and downsides, but it is not a bad option entirely.