Covid Impact On Me

Kaydon Fraser, Editor: Shyann Snyder

Corona had a very strong impact on me, with lots of up and downs sad times stress, and more.  Corona impacted my life positively and negatively.  When covid first started I was like ok I think this is just going to go away after a month or two but no it is still here to this day. 

I figured that covid wouldn’t go away anytime soon so I knew I had to adjust to it.  It was hard to get use to it because Covid took away basketball and the team I played on was not having tryouts, my uncle came to me one day and told me that he’s making a team and I should join so I did and that was one thing that kept me a good ad it kept me active.

Covid has also helped me get closer to God and get to know myself more. I really think that covid helped me in a good way and would help me a lot if it goes away.