The Covid-19 Swirl


Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Jayden Johnson, Editor: Virginia Bates

Wow wow wow Covid 19.

It’s like the flu on steroids.

It’s not like we don’t already know about it, Roxanne.

Don’t believe me, look on the back of that Lysol can.

This beast, this troll, this disease causing so much fear

The media doesn’t help, making it seem as if the end is near.

They tell me if you have a preexisting condition you should be a little more scared.

But at this point, the untruths they tell and show makes me deaf and visually impaired.

Now hold on, I’m not bashing the news.

But what I’m saying is don’t believe them fools.

One station says to wear a mask and other stations say the opposite. What am I supposed to do?

It’s crazy that we have CNN, Fox, Msnbc, and many more.

Why can’t y’all work together for the public and build a better rapport?

But hey, I understand you want and need the views.

Just please stop trashing people who don’t get the shot because at this point it’s verbal abuse.

But I got a question. Why every time someone starts asking tough questions about the shot?

Your response is different information based on the timeslot.

Wow, that’s crazy to me

You can’t answer my questions but tell me weather forecasts of 90 degrees.

I just want the news to help me be informed 

Not confuse me while I’m sitting in my room or dorm.

Hey news stations around the world

Please help us get our heads out of this ongoing Covid-19 swirl