Athletes coming Together After a Long Year of Waiting


Staff photo by Virginia Bates

Girls Softball team back on the field with COVID-19 protocols

Reese Carey, Editor: Virginia Bates

Since my sophomore season, last year was canceled last year, I was eager to come back this year and get a chance to play. After waiting a long, stressful year, spring sports finally came back and I was able to get back to playing softball.

Being able to have practice for the first time in over a year, it felt good to come together with my teammates back on the field.

While coming back, there was nothing but laughs and giggles bonding with each other. About a week ago, on April 28, we had our first game of the new season. We played CMIT, and despite the fact that it was our first game back, I believe we performed admirably as a team. We ended up beating CMIT 20-1.

I am happy to say I am excited to see what the rest of the season holds for us as a team.