Senior’s Final Masterpiece

A Senior’s Final Note to her Under Classmates


Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

Hannah Joseph, Editor: Virginia Bates

The seven day countdown is here! The last days of a thirteen year educational experience are coming to an end. A thirteen year long road that set a foundation of direction, that is now ready, set, and really about to start.

The undying curiosity of what is going to happen after crossing the border. The most intriguing question is what it’s going to feel like for the ones crossing over. A new start awaits… A new adventure, a new life begins. However, the real question is, do you have your ticket to pass through?

Seniors can all agree and say that high school is certainly an interesting adventure, an interesting journey. They have met some awesome people, students and teachers alike. They have had fun in high school pep rallies, spirit weeks, homecoming, sports events, and even in classes. A few words of advice as seniors leave would be that in the midst of being busy, having your limits pushed, enjoy yourself.

It’s not the easiest, but after you push through the hardships, you’ll find there is so much more to high school than just being in school.

As you join, if you join, clubs/activities, or programs, don’t just do it to have another thing added to your resume. Do it with the fact that it’s something you love to do or would be interested in. A key point to being successful in high school is to put forth the amount of effort YOU can give.

Your smallest effort can be your biggest accomplishment and become your greatest piece of work. Do not make the mistake of thinking your effort is not enough because of the amount others around you are giving. Be yourself and you will discover more of yourself!

The Class of 2021 wishes all ongoing and coming high schoolers the absolute best!