A Senior’s Last Words


Hannah Dunson, Reporter

This school year has been tough in more ways than one, anyone in the school can relate to this. It has shown my true strengths and my weaknesses. Above all, it has shown me who I can truly count on to help guide me through this last school year. Although I am more than excited to leave, there is something that I must share with you before I go. Joining the military.


When the word “military” comes to mind, many think “trap”, “pain”, and “bad idea”. The military isn’t an organization in which they make individuals sign their lives away by joining the “war”. It is a force–a family of people who look after each other and this nation while battling on the front lines. Before I enlisted in the Navy, I never thought of myself ever do something like that. Only 1% of the general population is enlisted into the military and the thought of me being a part of that 1% was not fathomable. When I enlisted last year in the summer, it completely changed my point of view and perspective. I saw that the military was more than guns and war, it is an honorable force of people who fight for what’s right. 


Not only does the military provide benefits, but it also provides security and financial support for education. To be more specific, whichever branch you decide to join, that branch will pay for your education as your server active duty. This is the one thing that is often overlooked by civilians before they decide to enlist. Being paid to serve active duty while going to school for free is something that many people miss about the military. Yes, I will agree that the military isn’t for everyone, but when you decide to take that first step into a world that is completely from your own, it will be worth it in the end. Enlisting in the military has taught me discipline, confidence, and has shown me my own strengths as a person.


After reading all of this, you may be thinking about “boot camp”, something that a lot of civilians fear and stereotype about the military. Although many describe boot camp as “miserable” and a “culture shock”, it is. It will be hard and challenging, it is not meant to be easy. But the U.S. Military calls on those who are ready to be challenged and fight for this country, are you? Join Now.


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