Broken Warrior

Jayden Johnson, Editor: Shyann Snyder

We are the true definition of Warriors.

But some warriors can’t win every fight.

We scream and yell I think we sound worse than that guy flight 

You and I can go through so much pain.

As times get tough we lose energy there and then it’s nothing left to gain. 

Then that causes conflict between you and I.

We fight and only stop if one of us starts to cry.

But we don’t care as long as neither of us says that one-word GOODBYE!!!

Never knew one word can carry so much weight 

Until you said that to me on the eighth 


You told me sorry I can’t do it anymore. GOODBYE.

I just sat there as I let the time fly.

I remember days playing with your hair.

You hated it but I didn’t really care.

I thought it was preposterous and totally unfair.

You told me its nonfiction not pretend

Now my heart is broke and at its wit is at its wit’s end