Jasmine Royster, Editor in Chief

Fajitas, Nachos, Empanadas and more. The Student Government Association (SGA) and Pro-Start, brought Latin America to the CHF student body today,  in the Multipurpose room. They hosted the Hispanic Heritage Culture Exhibit to bring awareness to Hispanic Heritage month. David Smith said, “we put two to three weeks into the event.” From the looks of students faces, they were pleased with their hard work.
No, the exhibit was not open to all students, but it was open to the first 50 students during all lunches. From there, the students traveled into a world of amazing Latino inspired food and music. Once you entered, the upbeat salsa music and welcoming amigos pulled you in. Students were then given a Hispanic Heritage Fun Fact, and the arrows on the ground led you to another adventure; a colorful wall of important Latino figures. “This event is bomb, the food is good my favorite dish is the beef.” Said Junior, Lauren Carson.“We want to raise awareness for the Hispanic community” said SGA President Mykea Dunnign.
With the help of Pro Start, they prepared seventeen different dishes to add to the fiesta. Their biggest hit was the empanadas. A group of juniors couldn’t help but shout how delicious the empanadas were. “We had American influences on the Latin Dishes, everything is made from scratch.” said Mr. Mallardi. Corn bread, fajitas, taco salad, peach salsa, fried yucca, black bean salad and more filled the students tummies as they sat down and enjoyed the feast.
To put an end to this amazing event, students received a slice of tres leches cake and a portable piñata box which had lots of candy and maracas. We hope to see more events that expose other cultures the CHF student body throughout the school year. Moi Bien, SGA and Pro-Start.