The Gospel Project: Made New


Photo by Valery Rabchenyuk on Unsplash

Daphne Nwobike, EDITOR: Saffiatu Johnson

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

These days, society refuses to relinquish its firm grip on the past. From old inappropriate tweets to middle school Instagram posts, society always finds ways to dig up emblems representing our past behaviors. It seems like the horrible acts we committed in the past follow us everywhere. They haunt us and refuse to let us go, stamping themselves on our foreheads for all to see. We get judged for the things we did, and whether we have changed or not is of no consequence to the people that deride us by constantly bringing up our past deeds.

With Jesus, though, everything is different. With Jesus, we are no longer slaves to the shame of our naivete. With Jesus, we are no longer shackled by the chains of our past. With Jesus, we are new people with new slates and even newer presents and futures. When we place all our hope and trust in Jesus Christ, we allow Him to wipe our records clean and make us new people. No matter what the world may say, no matter how society may view us, no matter the snides we get from people around us because of our past decisions, we have hope that Jesus trumps them all! He lays our old lives to rest and brings us into new lives that result from being born again.

Jesus will not hound us about our past mistakes. He will not incessantly remind us about how we failed and fell short. Instead, He will make us new and give us the chance to make better decisions and chart better paths in life. Yes, we will stumble along the way, but Jesus will always be there to help us back up. He does not ridicule us because of our past wrongs. He wipes away our mistakes and gives us new lives that we can use to glorify Him and love others.

As wonderful as this offer sounds, it is only available to those who flee from sin and put their faith, hope, and trust in Jesus Christ. It is only available to those who believe in the One who took on sin and died on the cross for them. When a person believes that Jesus is Lord and that He died to save them, they will obtain eternal life, and He will erase their past errors. Come to Jesus today! He is waiting, but the clock is ticking. Right now is the best time to surrender your life and affection to Jesus, the One who loves you dearly.