Moses Makinde, EDITOR: Saffiatu Johnson

10 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Looking For Your Life's Purpose


Purpose is what everybody chases or tries to find as life goes on. We were all put on this
Earth for a reason. I always keep it in mind that God put us on this planet for a certain purpose. If there is anything that you wanna do in life you should chase it. Everybody is not gonna know they’re purpose immediately but eventually it should come to you. Some people realize their purpose before others and that’s fine. I feel like my purpose on this Earth is to inspire people but I could be wrong. My Mom and Dad said everybody has a purpose and a beginning and end. Life goes on without you when you waste time. I hope that people who haven’t found their purpose yet will find it soon. Purpose is everything, everything in this life has a purpose. I do believe certain things happen for a reason but for something tells me that everything doesn’t happen for a reason. I just hope that people I care about don’t waste their life away without finding why they are here and what they need to do. All I know is that make sure that you find your purpose in this life and don’t waste it.