CHFHS Graduation


Devin Gibson, Editor: Shyann Snyder

 Hello everyone,

Friendly reminder that the CHFHS Graduation will be taking place on June 1st, 2021.  For those who would like to attend this event, it will take place live on the CHFHS YouTube Channel at 9 am.  Please subscribe to the channel, this will make it so that every video will be in your subscription feed which will make things easier to access.

Another thing that you may do is turn on post notifications so that you will be notified whenever anything gets posted on that page, to turn on post notifications there will be a bell logo, and once you press on it.  It will ask if you want none, personalized, or all, pressing all notifications is the best option because it makes sure you get notified every time the page posts.  Thank you and hope to see everyone there!