Why I want to be a Poet!

Donyae MitchellFloyd, Contributor

I love to write poems about anyone or anything.  My family says that I should become a great poet because I write poems that include inspirational words.  I write poetry  to lift my family’s spirits up during these hard times.   My family love it when I send them prayers to help them get through the day.  Poetry makes me happy because when they are happy I’m also happy.

My powerful and inspirational poems help lift up other people’s spirits by speaking to them and telling them that everything is going to be alright; and,  we will all work together to keep safe and stop the Covid-19 from spreading.  I write poems to people so they would know how much I care about the world and about others who are struggling and having mental health issues with the situations that’s going on right now.  I would find ways to help them keep calm by writing to them about what they should do when hard times come around.  They should take a moment to breathe and think about positive things and not negative things because as long as people worry about what would happen if things do not turn out right for the world then the more stressed things will become.

And that is why I would like to become a poet.