“No Justice, No Peace” ☮️ 🗣

“No Justice, No Peace” ☮️ 🗣

Nia Tabe, EDITOR: Saffiatu Johnson

No Justice, No peace

There will never be peace.

Without justice there will never be peace.

Without peace there is no future for us.

It never gets easier.

Having no justice?

Having no fairness?

Would we ever be free?

Would there ever be peace?

Is this really the word we live in?

Black people need their breakthrough & word.

We shouldn’t ever be treated differently  because of our looks and color.

No single punishment can correct an injustice .

What is past cannot be changed.

Those to whom injustice was done remain with their loss.

But as one.

As many.

As little.

We can do the impossible!