“The Littlest Dreams” 💭

Nia Tabe, EDITOR: Saffiatu Johnson

Is it laziness, it seems…
The doubt of one’s education…
Speech class is detailed, you have to be workable, on top of your game. Speech, Speak up, real things and real life situations.
The misstep it seems.
They will redeem themselves.
With more than one team.
Not underlying the beams.
The darkest scheme.
We cannot redeem..
Be workable..
It doesn’t matter if we’re not feeling it, try…
Use what you have.
If we aren’t slightly supreme.
No boiling steam.
For all it might seem.
For greater dreams.
Nothing extreme.
We aren’t ordinary.
State your path.
Have a goal.
Stick to it…
School is a place to be.
For all it might seem.
For greater achievements.

With the littlest dreams.