Freedom of Speech Rally

Josh Hardy Pitch to Save Students Grade

Zena Whitworth
Rise up! Speak Up!

Josh Hardy

Professor Zena Whitworth, Editor: Shyann Snyder

Josh Hardy decided to help his fellow classmates by providing them with an opportunity to present their Final Public Speech for their final exam in Speech class.  Professor Zena Whitworth warned students during the first quarter that they would have a year to complete the task of presenting a public speech for their final.  The fourth quarter is here and there are still over twenty students who have not presented their one public speech.


As a Hail Mary! Last Ditch!  Mr. Hardy decided that students need to create their own rally and he created one, The Freedom of Speech Rally.  With less than 24 hours to plan, he said, Saturday after SAT and during the teacher’s union cookout at Watkins Park would be the perfect place and time.  Sophomore Taiwo Sophomore, answered the last meeting  Google Meet rally planning invite and created the flier for the event to be distributed to students and an itinerary to organize the flow of the event.

Thanks to Taiwo Omisore and  Josh Hardy both were excited at the thought of planning and creating a video and flier inviting students to earn their final grade.  With the assistance of Josh’s mother, she drove him to the park and recorded the video.

Because he recorded the video and placed the video on Instagram and Tik Tok, he asked does this fulfill my requirement for a public speech?  Awesome question.


Rise up! Speak Up! (Zena Whitworth)

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