“What makes a Good Writer?”

What makes a Good Writer?

Nia Tabe, EDITOR: Saffiatu Johnson

What makes a good writer?


Good writers, like any good communicator, worry about one thing and one thing only: connecting their audience to the story. Good writers construct their writing in a way that’s understood by their target audience. Big words, little words, made up words and even text speak are all up for grabs.

The experiences…

Grab it.

Definition-(Writing) Writing is an art  or practice of conveying a message to your audience or practice of literary or musical composition.Writing is the process of using symbols such as letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces to communicate thoughts, meaning and ideas in a readable form.Writing renders language visible, whereas speech is ephemeral, writing is concrete and by comparison, permanent. Both speaking and writing depend upon the underlying structures of language.


Quote- “Indeed, learning to write may be part of learning to read. For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading.”


 — Eudora Welty


Know your literary tradition and savor it.


When you sit down to write, forget about worshiping greatness and idealize masterpieces.

We are all learners in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.


Write, Write, Write.

It begins as it did with all the fine arts, within the original wilderness of the earth.


The trade, the craft, the art.

Write from the heart.


Write the craft,

Write with passion.


No one can tell your story, tell it yourself.

Write something that can change the word; or someone’s perspective.


Be the change, you know can make a slight difference in the world.

Write, write, write.


My experience or perspective with writing is that I always knew I had a funny way of writing, well different from others. Growing up as a child I always enjoyed reading books; I just felt so attached to the chapter of the book and I couldn’t not help but to explore more in it. I don’t know how but reading somehow helped me not just to write competently but to also type as well and it helped me to find my words. Also, writing helped me with my pronunciation and my speaking because I was really terrible at writing at first. But as my reading was better, I noticed I started to find my way onto the keyboard and started to pronounce words much better than I did before. My mom and dad were always my biggest role models as a little child, they had always encouraged me to read and I was very much different from all of my siblings. I was more of a reader than anything else at that point at a reasonable time; a passionate reader. Furthermore, I always used to hide my head under or behind books because it was so interesting to uncover what is going to happen next and how the book is going to start. Reading books and writing on my thoughts about it and talking about it with other people made it so much better to have a wider mind on what the book was actually trying to tell us. To add to that, growing up as I was in elementary and middle school, I also noticed that I was exceeding more in English class than any other subjects and it just felt great to know how I can impact other people to uncover the things I’ve uncovered; to still enjoy what you do and pass in the class. Moreover, I was always more into picture books and it was just something to go along with; an insight of how the book actually had turned out to come out in real life. I know call me a geek because I’d rather stay reading my books but it is so great to have more opportunities growing up and having more options that I can uncover in my reading skills or writing skills. In the end, it is so great to see my family’s opinion on what I write/have read and how I personally feel or felt on the specific topic on what I was writing about.

Some people say the way you talk is the way you write, but I think that the way you present yourself or act is the way you write and go about how you present the way you speak. I personally like to write as a first person because I get to put all of my thoughts down and just to jot down the way I´m feeling. Also, someone once told me that writing your thoughts down in a book can control what you are going through and can help you conquer or face whatever is going on in your little mind. Furthermore, a spoken word, poetry, and creative writing are all ways to express yourself and what you’re experiencing. Lastly, writing down and performing your thoughts can serve to transform the value gained of your emotions and experiences into something more or what you are feeling.

They serve as a way for you to make your feelings tangible and real. If you’re writing, you’re a writer, write like you’re clinging to the edge of a cliff, white knuckles, on your last breath, and like you’ve got just one last thing to say and tell us something that will save us from ourselves. Also, writing gave me the opportunity to express myself regardless of whether I am writing journalism, fiction or other type of genre. Writing, in its essence, is a soul soother and it helps you control whatever you might be dealing with personally or emotionally. Furthermore, as the pen hits the page or as my fingers tap on a keyboard, the writing is the beginning of personal expression. Lastly, I write for a variety of reasons, but mainly writing serves to provoke my change and it serves a whole lot of purpose depending on what I am or what I am writing about. Reading helps you to write and to explore; it gets your mind thinking or brainstorming.

I love learning from other people’s writing experiences, writing their words on post-it notes and sticking them all over my writing space. A writer’s mind can be whatever your imagination perceived. Finding new ways to read and write can always impact your speaking. We can learn so much about the craft of writing poetry, free writes, or anything else relating. Now I have much of a greater perspective on writing and how reading impacted me to change how I am as a writer; honestly everything on my highlights of writing.


Write with great delight.

Write with the greatest fight. Write from all inside.

Write with a great insight.

Write with no little fright.

Write from all inside.

Write from inside the heart.

Write from above your heart.

Write in spite of all your fears.

Write from beyond.

Write from the heart.

Write from within.