Charles Herbert Flowers Soccer Team loses 0-6 with a Smile

‘Pearsall’ CHF & JV Player ‘Gemoh’ 0-6 Soccer Loss Interview


James Johnson

Jaguars playing against Bladensburg in their season opener

Nia Tabe, Editor: Virginia Bates, Oluwadamilola Afe

In a difficult game of soccer, it seemed impossible for Charles Herbert Flowers High School to win against Bladensburg High School, returning home with the scoreboard reading 0-6. It was a tough loss for us. But, the real question that has been unavoidable is… just how did Bladensburg beat CHF in a game of soccer on the field as if they were defenseless?

An eyewitness, Jaylen Pearsall, is a student at CHFHS and attended the soccer game. Junior Varsity player Faith Gemoh was a player in the game, and experienced the action firsthand. Both of them give their opinion on the events of the game. Gemoh claims that “it’s sports at the end of the game.” But is this true? Was it really just “how sports go down?” Or was it perhaps the strategies employed CHF employed that put them at the disadvantage?

Pearsall was a witness of the soccer game, where CHF was beaten down 0-6 by Bladensburg. His view of the game comes with critique of the CHF team. “You can’t necessarily pass the ball in the midfield,”Pearsall said. “The defense really didn’t do much.”

Is that true? Was the CHF team uncoordinated in providing an adequate defense? All in all, even though CHF lost the soccer game, they still played their best. But as a watcher, how do you win the game, even when your home team loses?

“Bladensburg had the better ability and more points,” Gemoh commented, while Pearsall comments that “he can’t predict how the game would’ve been that day.” As a watcher, you can step up for your home team, and cheer them on even in the face of defeat. Let the players know you’ll have their back, even through the tough times! Even still, losing 0-6 proves how difficult a game this was for the CHF soccer team. We wish them the best of luck in their next match. Until next time!