Spirit Week Schedule 10-4-2021


Akilah A. Benons PhD, Contributor

CHFHS SPIRIT WEEK 2021 (all events, other than the parade will be held on the field)

Monday: Dress down day – Jaguar Prep

Description: This day would resemble a Private Prep School look but the Jaguar way. The attire for this day would be tennis skirts, button-down shirts, khaki pants, sweater vest, knee-high socks, loafers, etc.

Event: Lip Sync Battle

Time: Doors open at 6:00 show starts at 6:30

Cost: $5

Tuesday: Dress down day – 90’s onesies/pj’s

Description: Showcase 90’s nostalgia by wearing onesies or pj’s representing that era.

Event: Movie Night/Pop Up Shop – Coming to the Big Screen here at Charles Herbert Flowers: TBA

Time: Doors open 4 (pop up) Movie begins at 5:30.

Cost: $5

Wednesday: Dress down day – Class Color Day

Description: Students will wear class shirts or colors representing their particular class.

Seniors – Red

Juniors – Purple

Sophomores – Blue

Freshman – Gold

Event: Class Night Carnival

Time: Doors open at 6:00 pm

Cost: $5

Thursday: Dress down day – 90’S group

Description: Come dressed as your favorite 90’s group! BE CREATIVE!

Event: Kouture Show (Dependent of the stage)

Cost: TBA

Friday: Dress down – Jag Pride Day/Club or Organization

 Description: Show off your Jaguar pride by wearing school colors or any club/ sport you are in. GO ALL OUT!

Event: Pep Rally Time: 12:30- 2:15pm. Parade: 5pm (location Ardwick/Ardmore Park. Game: 7pm.

Saturday: Homecoming Block Party (Ladies, NO heels will be allowed) There will be no bags will be allowed in the field.

Tickets are $10, 20 dollars after Wednesday, October, 6th.