The Necessity of Sleep In Our Lives


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A mother and her baby taking a nap together.

Nia Tabe, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

From an article about sleep I was reading, I found out that the truth is that when you don’t get enough sleep, despite your age, it can decrease your growth and mental stability. Therefore, this article is all about how to avoid restlessness, and how to get up everyday to feel great or energetic, even for your young ones today. It’s typically impossible for America and a problem for people to do so. The article says, “since sleep deprivation is connected to a number of health risks, including anxiety and depression, getting enough sleep is a crucial component of living a well life. But, how much sleep is enough isn’t exactly a simple question to answer, considering the amount of sleep a person need changes as they grow older.”

People are still reckless with their sleep schedule from ranging from day drinking, caffeine intake to stay awake, night drinking just to keep themselves up at work; these behaviors are not healthy and cannot become a continuous habit. Also, it is important for us to ensure that we get at least 8-10 hours of sleep everyday, no matter if you’re a toddler or an adult. Adults tend to stay up and become workaholics. Teens tend to stress about school, not getting enough time to do their homework and it’s tempting to stay up those extra hours to get those assignments done.

There are many events where people can lose sleep. Teens in particular may have a barrage of homework assignments, a new child causes parents to watch them all the time, a divorce or breakup causing mental and emotional stress, a loss in the family, are just a few things that can be the cause of a lack of sleep. The article mentions that “as we get older, we start to need less sleep,” sleep expert Sophie Bostock, PhD, says in a video focused on how much sleep we need as we age.  This means that when you give your brain and body natural rest, you do notice that you can still wake up and be active to do whatever needs to be done. People need to understand that life is not perfect and it is too short for you to stress out about the past, rather than to care for your personal health. It’s too risky! Especially if you don’t put your needs above others and you’re always worrying about others’ needs, but not your own wellbeing. Of course you’re not gonna have any time in the day to rest! For example, a rigorous working schedule, carrying more shifts than you can take, and being drunk.

The article says that “infants and children require more sleep than adults due to the processes that support neurological development and growth.” (Tracey L. Stierer, MD.)  And why is that? This shows that people all over the world get tired all the time, but do not seek the need to sleep more.  If you can’t sleep, then best believe that your toddler is not going to the best; they are more likely to mimic your lifestyle especially if you’re a parent and not just that, toddlers watch the way you do things. Meaning that if you’re a parent, if you can’t get yourself to sleep, then you most definitely will not get your children to sleep as well. Whether they are a newborn, an infant, a toddler, or a teen, they will mimic your habits, and that is definitely not healthy for your child and most likely not for yourself. On child development, the writer says that As the baby grows, they require less frequent feeding, and—at around 4 months—they’ll only need 12 to 15 hours of sleep per day,” according to the National Sleep Foundation. “By the age of one, the National Sleep Foundation notes that most toddlers are able to sleep 10 to 12 hours nightly without waking, in addition to one or two naps for a total of 11 to 14 hours of daily sleep.” The thing is that, if you have kids and if you’re a messy parent at the same time, your kid will either stress about your messiness by the time they learn to talk, mimic your habit, or hate you for it.

From the article: “By the age of 12, it is not uncommon to see children have more than one night per week with insufficient sleep,” says Dr. Stierer. “Only about half of all children in the US get the recommended nine hours of sleep per night, with teenagers being the highest percentage of those with chronic insufficient sleep.” Real fact is that it is just not responsible to be messy, especially if you know you know that you are about to have an infant, and adoption is even worse. When they do learn to talk, eventually they will either be like you, or hate you for it. “The outward signs of insufficient sleep may include irritability, problems with memory and concentrating, changes in mood, difficulty staying awake, decreased motivation, and slowed reaction time,” says Dr. Stierer. It is more likely that if you have a messy and drunk parent who can’t get their lives together for their child, it is very irresponsible of them, and your child will try to be there for you even if it wasn’t the same for them. Overall, it doesn’t matter what age that you are; you still need the best sleep for better health and to improve growth/mental stability.


My comments and thoughts:

In this article, I learned that it is very important to sleep, because your health is very important and everybody has to naturally grow, and maintain a safe life. This article “Sleep Needs by Age Are Different—Here’s What Experts Recommend for the 9 Stages of Life for Optimum Energy” relates to health and science because out of everything getting enough sleep everyday is good for your health. Scientists say that even if you’re younger, sleeping 8-10 hours should be the least you get out of the day, especially if you have a child who mimics your moves. What interested me in choosing this article is that I used to be so stressed out about school, and I always used to stay up late and do my homework; let me tell you, being in high school is hard. I was trying to be perfect all the time with my grades and not getting enough sleep, but when I saw that even babies are struggling with this from their parents; it was crazy and I even saw this article on the news a few days ago. I was so surprised by it and it affected me a lot but now I know how to minimize my time/to balance my sleep from at least 8-10 hours a day, especially throughout the night. My opinion of this article is that we’re not perfect and we can’t get everything done at once, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t sleep more. I learned that sleeping in America is a problem and I see children and homeless shelters on streets everyday once in a while, trying to provide for their families or to maintain a healthy life. Overall, I just feel like if you can make a living, ensure that your kids are getting nutrition and sleep as well as yourself or as a parent. SLEEP MORE, WORRY LESS! Life is not meant to be all that perfect, but our communities can definitely have the chance of being safe and to have a come to home nursery for our kids/teens to sleep better or more and for a worry free workplace. SLEEP MORE!!



Sept. 23 “Sleep Needs by Age Are Different—Here’s What Experts Recommend for the 9 Stages of Life for Optimum Energy” – (Natalie Arroyo Camacho)