“White House Pushes For more Vaccine Mandates”


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This Article is by Ernie Mundell -HealthDay- Reporter 

Published on: Sept. 9, 2021


All through the article, I found out the truth that when an exceeding amount of people get vaccinated, we will be able to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 disease. Therefore, this article is about Joe Biden elevating young people and others everywhere to get vaccinated. From the article: “He’s going to outline the next phase in the fight against the virus and what that looks like”. Since then Joe Biden is still elevating young people and others everywhere to get vaccinated. Also, it’s an important issue of our community’s mental health and their state of wellbeing or focusing on our surroundings. I believe that this article shouts ‘power’ because it is very important to have conversations with family and friends. For example, vaccines might be scary to people but heading on is the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe away from the dangerous COVID-19 variants. For that, concludes the reason why President Biden’s goal aimed higher. Truth to be told it is more likely that people from all around the world especially from the teens and young adults are less likely to be treated or have been dealing with mental/physical/their fitness from the 5-25 age group are ONLY 15% and hoping more to be vaccinated. COVID-19 is spiking the U.S. more than ever and there’s no more room to put others before yourself because if your fitness is low, your health level is triggering you and your body is sending signals. The message from the “White House Pushes for more Vaccine mandate” article is that Biden is that for Biden to push more vaccine mandates is not an opportunity, it’s a chance. Chance to finally break an unchangeable barrier regardless of what your body is telling you about your health and to simply help our community or for those around the world!.


My Comments and Thoughts


In this article, I learned that it is very important to get vaccinated even if you are young and not immunocompromised. Getting your COVID vaccination is the best thing you can do for your health and your loved ones’ health. That’s why it relates to “health and medicine” because Joe Biden and his team have found a way to boost the treatment of those who cannot provide or get their COVID-19 mandates effective immediately for themselves. I was interested in choosing this article because COVID is no joke and some people might need a wake-up call to fight for their lives during this time of the pandemic. What interested me was the title because it proves that our President, Biden, actually cares for our mental-health being and wants to do something about it. My opinion of this article is that everyone, even me, has the power to save lives, and getting COVID-19 isn’t the best thing to happen because I would be very angry if I couldn’t go out to spend “Christmas” with my family. Getting COVID can increase the risk of death especially when you are already sick or have a disease/ bad health. For example, cancer. I loved this article and learned that hope is the best tool for treatment because life is too short and you should always take advantage of your health when it’s down-bad. It made me feel like I’m not too isolated due to COVID-19 and to be welcomed through seeing new possibilities in the world for young adults like under the globe to ensure that I get the best treatment and its mandates. To be honest, we have only one life to live and it’s scary to think that this virus isn’t going to go along or away as cicadas did. Why did I bring up cicadas? It’s because I’ve come to believe that cicadas come and go like a cycle every 17 years and vanishes during the early Summer of July. But coronavirus is not like that. I guess what I’m saying is that COVID-19 doesn’t determine my future because I still have a chance to seek an overcome barrier and for my future community and preferences!