The Decade Long Fight Between the Jaguars and the Pumas

Kenny Owona, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

Kenny Owona [/photographer]
The game of the year.

The leading teams in Prince George’s County’s football programs are the Jaguars and the Pumas. These two fierce programs met yet again and had the clash of the season. The Jaguars were the leading team in the 4A bracket, and now, that spot has been given to the Pumas. The game ended with a nail-biting finish with the Pumas coming out victorious ‘20-19’. The Pumas put in work this past Saturday. The Jaguars had an amazing performance from their runningback Aden Hodge(#8), with 2 of the Jaguars’ 3 touchdowns. And Ezekial Johnson(#14) showed out and came to play football! He came out with our second touchdown in the game. Offensively, the Jags showed lots of athleticism. Players such as Sean Johnson(#3), Aden Hodge(#8), Alpha Sesay(#2), Maurice Brown II(#7), Tyriek Scrivener(#51), and Conner Washington(#52), held our offense together to get some momentum. Defensively, our Jags were the star of the show. Player Kendric Council(#18) caught a pick and gave our defense an even larger reason to show out! Desmond Umeozulu(#9) Blanche Gold(#11) continued the onslaught on defense, leading hosts of defensive players to stop Wise’s attacks. Our defensive players of this week that showed out: Damion Graham(#1), Kaden Moody(#6), Desmond Umeozulu(#9), Kendric Council(#18), and Blanche Gold(#11). The Jaguars went out with a heart unlike before. We’ll see them again in the playoffs! Until next time, GO JAGS!