What is Love?


Love, an intense feeling of like or care for someone or something. I love you, I love pizza, I love the air. that I breathe every second. I love the way you love me. I love seeing love spread. Love, a gift, it keeps giving. Something we all share. Love, heart eyes, Instagram post. Love! Did I mention that I love writing? I love English. I love myself. I’m in love. Not with just a person, but a mentality. I love the way the mind works. I love Professor Whitworth’s class. I have a comforter on my bed with love all over it in various languages. Te Amo, Iche liebe den. All that jazz. I love love. I love the way the sun knows when to come up and bring light unto the world. I love music, the way beats, words, and ideas come together. Love, an open heart. Love, the feeling that makes me want to like you even when it feels like I should hate you. Love, an Ella Mai song. She describes it in the end. Love, love,love,l-o-v-e. Something we all need from someone or something. Not expected, by surprise, catches you at the craziest moment. Love, letter, love, me, love, you. Love, Sydney.