The Battle of the Cats: Flowers V.S Wise

Brian Skinner Jr , Photographer: Brian Skinner Jr, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson Oluwadamilola Afe

On Saturday, October 9th 2021, two of the top teams would face off in a fierce battle. Flowers held their record of 5-0, while Wise held their’s of 4-0. The game was anticipated by many to be a tense battle to settle the score.

The first quarter was no more than a testing ground to get a feel for the offense and defense. Both teams were extremely aggressive and denied the other from scoring as much as they could. First quarter ended up as a 0-0 between both teams. However, Flowers would soon turn that around and start racking up some score! Nathan Spence, number 3, with a 30 yard pass to Quaseir Lee, number 14 shifted the game to a 6-0 game. Then, Flowers scored the extra point to put us at 7-0.

To shake things up however, in the second half, the Pumas came back hard with a 1 yard rushing touchdown by Jayden Sauray, making the game 7-6. Then, the game started to get tense. The Pumas took the lead, making the game 7-14. However, the Panthers clutch a play by scoring a touchdown, yet, they miss an extra point, making the game 13-14. In the fourth quarter, Wise scored again making the game 13-20, and two plays later Flowers came back again, making the game 19-20.

Fourth quarter, Flowers has the ball with 19 seconds left, and we’re in field goal range. We needed the 2 point conversion to win the game. The quarterback throws a pass… and it ends up incomplete. Ending the game between Flowers and Wise with the final score being 19-20, Wise took the win that game.




Photo by Brian Skinner Jr.
Photo by Brian Skinner Jr.