“What It Means to Be Free”

“What It Means to Be Free”

Nia Tabe


Have you ever been free?


What has freedom done to you?. Freedom is an abstract concept that is different for everyone. For me, it means doing something that I want to do, no matter how it affects others. Some people believe that freedom is connected to the freedom to say anything they want, while others think it’s tied to walking anywhere they want. In my essay, I would be explaining what freedom actually and truly means. Freedom is only granted when it doesn’t restrict other people’s rights. In most countries, people are not allowed to speak and act freely.

               Freedom from others is very easy to understand. When people talk about freedom, they often talk about it as an individual choice, as it allows one to make their own decisions, as it does in certain countries, where people have no choice but to live with corruption and where it is paid for by others. Freedom can also be linked to the right to work and produce goods and services on your own. However, in corrupt countries, such as those where money is corrupted, it is not possible to start and operate a business without criminal support. In these cases, freedom means the right to say no. Freedom is something that is beyond the expectations of society and is a strong opportunity to express oneself in any way. This is what freedom is all about. We are free to do anything we want with our bodies.

                 Freedom is a thing that everyone has a right to, and each of us has a unique understanding of it. Each of us has a responsibility to fight for it. Freedom is actions that people take without asking themselves why they do them. It is the freedom to feel like they are free and not bound by any borders. Imagine that you’re at the mountain peak with the world at the bottom of the world. Freedom means that I control myself and not somebody else telling me what to do.

                 Freedom can be connected to anything, including actions and thoughts. It can also be used to express the rights of others if they don’t violate those of others. I am very proud to have freedom, and I hope that everyone has freedom someday. Freedom is the basic concept which everyone must understand. Freedom is an abstract from many things that aren’t possible in this world. Freedom is the basic concept that every person must understand. It was never connected with material possessions.

                Freedom is to be free. Yes, I have been free of lies, fake people, racism; in being able to have equal rights as everyone else. Freedom to me means that I can have integrity in my name and own. It means that I get to do my own thing and I can assure people what makes me ‘free’. Freedom is the meaning of living life without depending on others’ expectations and not letting them control every aspect of your life. Freedom is only granted when it doesn’t restrict other people’s rights. In most countries, people are not allowed to speak and act freely.