What is JROTC?


Brian Skinner Jr

Color Guard Leads The Way

Why YOU should join JROTC

JROTC is a program for the teens that are looking for a challenge and a strong role model. This program will break you down to build you up and make you a stronger leader, problem solver, critical thinker, and more responsible.

What is JROTC, and what do they do?

The real name of JROTC is Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Core. This program uses a military model called Drill to guide their students. They also do uniform inspections which are once a week. This includes a specific uniform that they give you and show you how to put it on, there is also a hair length requirement for boys and girls on this uniform inspection day.

Facts On JROTC 

A couple of things that you may want to know about JROTC Is how they recruit. There are middle schools that feed into Flowers High School, like Ernest Just Middle School, The sensors will go in uniform to show the kids what JROTC is all about. The more experience that you have in JROTC, the higher your rank is. You have your Enlisted ranks and your Officer Ranks, and the highest rank is called the group commander. The group commander is a student that has a lot of experience to lead and teach the officers and Enlisted cadets.

One of the group commanders in 2021-2022 is Savannah Washington (top portrait in photo). Savannah has the respect of her Enlisted and Officer cadets and teachers. She is a senior, and her teachers say that they will miss her dearly when she graduates.

Brian Skinner Jr