Calling all 10th Graders

Tamya Anderson, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

Hello everyone,

My name is Tamya Anderson. I’m 16 years old and one of the many sophomores here at Charles Herbert Flowers. If you’re not a sophomore, please still read this if interested. Of course you don’t have to. Although this is technically my second year at this school, this is my first year being inside the building. Even today I still wonder what my freshman year would’ve looked like if COVID never hit our pandemic. Coming into the building during the very first few days of school felt very disrupting. I was just as confused as the freshman trying to navigate myself around the school to get to my classes. Your freshman year is one of many memorable moments you will experience in and throughout high school. Now to all the other 10th graders out there, do you feel as if not experiencing the traditional 9th grade experience has affected your entire high school experience long-term?

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