Is Shyness And Introversion A Sign Of Social Anxiety?

Is Shyness And Introversion A Sign Of Social Anxiety?

Tamya Anderson, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

Hello everyone,

My name is Tamya Anderson. A little about me – I’m 16 years old, a sophomore, and some clubs I’ve joined here at Charles Herbert Flowers are the Natural Hair Club, Rainbow Club, GSA, and Jaguar Voices. Going into this school year, I was nervous about my personal health and safety since this is my first year coming to school in person since 8th of March 2020, when the pandemic first struck. Through virtual learning, many students like myself could attend school without physically being in the building. During this time, I wasn’t finding myself being surrounded by many people. I spent most of my time at home, even during summer. I had no clue how big of an impact this made on both my social and mental health.

What’s social anxiety?

Social anxiety is when everyday social interactions cause irrational anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, and embarrassment. When some people hear anxiety, they confuse it as some form of extreme depression. This is not true. I would describe social anxiety as feeling disconnected from people, making it really difficult to talk to people or even be around. I overlook things as simple as introducing myself to people and having to speak in front of or to someone.

What’s the difference between shyness and social anxiety?

Shyness is some type of personality trait. Not all people with social anxiety disorder are shy. Think of shyness as feeling uncomfortable, self-consciousness, feeling nervous, and being insecure. Meanwhile, social anxiety being a fear of situations in which someone may judge you negatively, fear that people will notice when you look anxious and intense fear of having to interact with people.

You cannot diagnose yourself with social anxiety. I recommend you going to a psychiatrist. Some ways people get over social anxiety is talking to a trusted therapist, challenging yourself to feel less overwhelmed in common situations, and practicing relaxation techniques like 4-7-8 breathing, relaxing your muscles.

If you have any concerns about your mental/and or social health and want to talk about with someone, contact me through email.


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