New Scholarship Opportunity for ALL Students (Grade 9 -12)

The “No Sweat” Scholarship will provide a quarterly scholarship of $2,500 with the minimal effort needed to apply.

Stacey Alexis, Writer


Hello CHFHS Students,

We are thrilled to share our NEW offering of a $2500 scholarship grant for your High School student (Grades 9 -12).

Please feel free to share with them. This is a quarterly scholarship of $2,500 that is super easy to apply with No GPA requirements, No minimum income requirements, and no essays to write.

This new scholarship will run October 1st  – December 31st  2021 with winner notification by February 15th 2022. Students can apply for free at (

“No Sweat” Scholarship

Amount: $2,500

Number of awards: 1

Due Date: December 31st  2021

Application URL:

Application Process: Apply on the abovscholarship-flyer-counselor URL. Free application.

Easy Application

Need-Based: NO

Minimum GPA required: NO

Essay Required: NO

Award sent to Direct to Student

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