The Artistic Way To Express Yourself

Amiyah Darden, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

Many people have hidden talents such as playing the flute, or being able to balance themselves on a ball. But one talent many people figure out they have is art. Not martial arts, dancing, music, cinema, or literature. I’m talking about the one where you pick up a pencil or paint brush and create something unique. Many people don’t know they have this talent of art until they try it out, or find something else they like. They may doodle something on the back of a test paper or during a boring presentation. Others may draw whenever they can or feel like it. There are endless things to draw for fun, but is art really just fun?

Art is a form of expression. Your art can show anger, passion, hope, sadness, reliability, adventure, etc. There are no limits to what it can express, but it’s up to you express it in your own way. You can take your words and turn them into something visual all with the stroke of the brush.

Art is something eye catching. You can create pictures inside of pictures and designs only you can understand. You can create small details that only those invested in your work can seek, and leave the interpretation up to the reader. Our school is a fair size for a high school, and there is so much we could fill it with. We can create posters and paint the windows. Our school could have flowers, new benches, new trees just to make it look brand new.

Art is a form of patience and time. A picture everyday or a 50ft. painting you’ve been working on. Your time is important and choosing to express yourself all the time is important as well. You don’t have the power to adjust time, but you do have the power to work through it. Create a masterpiece with just a paint brush and one bottle of paint.

Art is a passion and purpose. Its a glossary where you find new words to describe and define.

Art is a passion, a poetic fashion, in the form of the indescribable, that only you can create.