A Deeper Meaning

How Do You Define Love?

Amiyah Darden, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe


Photo credit: Shyann Snyder

That word, the simple way of saying you have a very strong attraction towards something or someone.

A basic definition right?

Well that’s my definition, the one that was just given.

Well that’s my definition, everyone’s is different

Love, who?

That person you stare at for way too long, a strange feeling

When you’re in love you feel captivated

We’re given a mirror

Told “let no one else use it”

You meet that one person and let them abuse it

They stand there and watch you kneel to pick up all of the pieces.

An apology is needed, and an apology is what you get

But that doesn’t fix the glass

You can forgive and forget

Love, what

The thing you take everywhere

You overuse it

Rely on it after you went to spend dimes on it

Youve lost it, then you’ve found it

Youve decorated it,  you’re bound to it

You grow fond of it until you grow withdrawn from it

Now its cracked and split, and you abandon it

Love, where

That place you go for comfort

Where you grew up

Where the wind gives you chills

Its dirty, its old

Its black, its gold

Its scary, you cant bear it

Human kind has ruined your soul

They shall take away that place

Closer to your heart the home

Love, time

When the new year has begun and my birthday is near

Though it isn’t a far run

Halfway through the school year

The sun and rain mix

Form rainbows, puddles and tulips

Your flower bed is growing

Its colors fully showing

Then they dry in the blazing sun

Schools out, no homework for anyone

The sweat on your forehead

Pack a bag before hand

Because soon the pumpkins will settle in

The soggy air will pull you in

Into snowy lands and cheery bands

Love is something put in your hands